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About me

Throughout my line of sight, my work has focused on the persistent idea about my own conception and how to represent it, trying to
make the viewer feel, doubt and think. Trying my ideas, my work, my pictures do not leave indifferent the observer.

It’s thanks to this way of working that my photographs arise from a feeling associated with an idea, applying in this way all my
technical and people skills.

My first photography teacher was Francesc Català-Roca, a great teacher, who taught me to be sure when and why shoot. The
progression as a photographer in the world I did in the film world, so my workflow in fashion photography is cinematic. Introduce my self
into the world of fashion, was only a step.

I understand the photography as a channel of a personal expression and a way of seeing life, which encompasses all types of
photography, one must know how and what to do in each project.

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